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Advertising at Life Saving Championship 

The world for you as a marketer is not getting any easier. The complexity in the market has increased and with it the need for simplicity is growing. As a marketer, you want media that work, do what they promise and solutions that provide certainty.

Your partner in business

With us it is simple. As a specialized media portal, Life Saving Championship offers you the most brands that really matter in fishing country and that reach every target group in a targeted way. Brands that are trusted and appreciated the most. That are viewed by real people. Especially digitally, but also through partners. Brands that simply do what they promise for advertising campaigns. Because they provide an environment that readers really trust.

Real people. Real media. Real results.

With us, you'll work with a team of real people. The best digital specialists and account managers who deliver online and offline solutions every day for your highest value for money. Based on smart data combinations and unique insights from which we learn and get better together. Life Saving Championship is your reliable partner that delivers real results. Transparent and hassle-free. All very simple really.